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Heichal Hatarbut, An Israeli Cultural Symbol

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Rent a Conference, Event or Performance Hall in Tel Aviv.
Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv rents the highest quality conference halls at excellent conditions.
A large conference, launch event or rock concert, a formal cocktail party, exclusive get-together, glamorous gala, academic symposium, annual employee or customer happening – Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv is the perfect venue for all these events.

The various halls offer the best acoustic conditions in Israel along with a superb viewing and listening experience – designed for all performing arts as well as for lectures, conferences, professional exhibitions and company events.

Another significant advantage of Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv is the combined configuration of halls for complex and large events (up to 3000 participants). The availability of three different-sized halls under one roof is very important for such events, where plenum meetings, small panel discussions, fairs and management meetings can take place simultaneously – and all in the stylish and elegant atmosphere of Heichal Hatarbut.

From a management meeting to a conference with thousands of participants – a cultivated and cultured experience.
Heichal Hatarbut rents three conference halls – both together and separately.
Lowy Concert Hall – is the large and main hall among the three
Zucker Hall – a new multi-purpose hall
Sela Hall – a unique exclusive hall
Three conference halls for rent, each with its distinct character and uniqueness – that can also be combined in any configuration you choose.


Rent an event hall – for many participants – Lowy Hall

Lowy Hall

Conference hall and special events

Lowy Hall is the large and central hall of Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv. Dedicated in 1957 it originally seated 2750. Following its comprehensive renovation in 2013 it now seats 2479.
The thorough renovation included, among other things, replacing all systems, increasing personal space and fully tailoring the venue to meet the highest international standards for convention centers and concert halls. The renovation was conducted while maintaining the architectural design of a 1950s building for preservation, including upgraded acoustics in the hall which now provides superior acoustic quality.
The hydraulic stage systems also provide for varied stage configurations. Thanks to the advanced and computerized hanging systems the venue offers a precise response to the specific needs of every performance. Seating in the hall, that is divided into different areas and levels, enables separation of the balconies and partial closing of the hall. Thus performances and plenum events can also be held for a more limited audience.

Rent a hall for a professional event – the new Zucker Hall

Zucker Hall

Professional Events

Zucker Hall – the new performance venue – is a multi-purpose hall that can hold up to 400 persons and offers a unique combination of multi-purpose elegance: the advanced design enables different seating configurations, customized for the performing arts, ceremonies, symposia and a wide range of events. The hall has superior acoustics and the most advanced stage, sound and lighting systems in the world.

An intimate exclusive event – Sela Hall

Sela Hall​

Exclusive Events

Sela Hall is the exclusive Heichal Hatarbut hospitality venue. Its elegant and stylish design provides a suitable backdrop for management meetings, symposia and festive cocktails, and can also serve as a communications center. The hall can hold up to 200 persons with varied seating options. Sela Hall has an end kitchen for catering services.

The Heichal Hatarbut experience: all the advantages for the perfect conference or event

Heichal Hatarbut offers a rare and unique combination of an advanced and innovative infrastructure befitting a building renovated from the foundation up only several years ago. It boasts not only a central and accessible location but, above all – the rich history of Heichal Hatarbut which hosted some of the most important and significant cultural events in the history of the State as well as a long list of international artists.

The myriad advantages of Heichal Hatarbut includes its unique location in the Tel Aviv center, in the heart of the bustling and vibrant cultural scene of Israel and a short distance from the country’s political, financial and business nerve centers.

Additional advantages include easy access both with public transportation and private vehicles, the newly renovated and large parking garage and the design of the box office area which faces the street; permanent security services, a convenient artists’ entrance (that can also serve as a VIP entrance); modular stage, renewed lighting and acoustic infrastructures; marble covered foyers and the balconies overlooking the Tel Aviv landscape, 120 toilet stalls, full accessibility of the entire complex to persons with a disability, café counters on the different levels, and above all – the unique atmosphere that only Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv can offer.
Our professional, dedicated and experienced team will be happy to help you plan and organize the perfect event.
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