Lowy Concert Hall

The home of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lowy Concert Hall offers one of the finest viewing and listening experiences in the world thanks to the advanced acoustics of the renowned Yasuhisa Toyota. highest-quality sound throughout the hall.

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Hall Design

The largest and main hall in Tel Aviv – a wood covered hall with 2479 comfortable and roomy seats inspired by the design of the hall’s original seats. 

The hall’s “amphitheater" design ensures concert and performance-goers an excellent view and perfect acoustic qualities from every seat in the hall, and full accessibility to persons with a disability.

Hall Stage

The expansive 330 sq/m stage is designed for about 200 musicians or participants, and equipped with several hydraulic elevators for transporting heavy musical instruments and stage equipment. The large space under the stage serves to store scenery.
Tens of electric lifting points located above the stage and controlled by a central computer can be used to hang scenery, lighting fixtures, signs, screens and additional accessories.

Artists’ Rooms

A large space behind the stage is available to artists for preparations and organization. 
-1 floor – offers twenty-two rooms for Philharmonic Orchestra musicians and six additional green rooms with a kitchenette and a relaxation area. 
Floor1 – includes three rooms for guest artists and a private room for maestro Zubin Mehta and guest conductors. 

Amplification and Lighting

An L-ACOUSTICS amplification system is permanently installed in the hall – a state of the art system in the amplification field.
The system is supported by the extensive acoustic improvements implemented in the hall as part of the 2013 renovation: increased acoustic volume, an acoustic envelope and a higher echo rate – enhancements that ensure the highest-quality sound throughout the hall.
The stage provides the necessary infrastructure for installing amplification systems in line with the event producer’s specific needs.


The spacious and elegant foyers surrounding the hall are designed for about 3000 guests and can be used for receptions, exhibitions, exhibits, ceremonies and additional events. The foyers include standing snack bars and a café where guests enjoy beverages and refreshments before performances and during the intermission. 
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Yasuhisa Toyota – One of the greatest acousticians of our time.

Lowy Hall Map
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