Important: prior to performances and events there may be congested traffic at the entrance to the parking garages and on the streets leading to Heichal Hatarbut. We recommend taking this into consideration, planning ahead and coming to the area at least 30 minutes before the start of the event. 

There are numerous parking garages in close proximity and within walking distance for Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv guests: 

Hatarbut Parking (underground) – 1000 parking spaces and elevators and escalators for access from the garage to the square above.
Hatarbut Parking is equipped with parking sensors, signaling a free parking space for easy and convenient parking.
The parking garage is accessible to persons with a disability – as required by law. 

Tel: 972+3-7610338

Additional parking garages in the area:

HaArba’a Parking, Givon Square, Dizengoff Parking, Laskov 13, Dubnov 4, Leonardo da Vinci 5, Golda – Berkovitch 7, and more.
To find a parking garage click here

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